Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Sister's Vineyard Wedding- the cereemony

Sorry I've been MIA lately, my little sister, Olivia, tied the knot last weekend, so I've been in recovery mode since we got back!  I thought I'd do small recaps, so I could point out the details.  We'll start with the ceremony!

Olivia and Jamie were married at Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery in State Road, NC. One of the great things about the property is that when you rent it, you get it for the whole weekend.  We were able to have the rehearsal dinner on site and have lodging for the wedding party.

Shepard's hooks with white ribbons led the path from the parking to the ceremony site.  Then smaller Shepard's hooks with mason jars hanging down lined the path the wedding party walked into the ceremony.  The ceremony site was beautiful, on a grassy spot overlooking the lake. 

My sister and dad on their walk to the aisle- beautiful, right?

 The bridesmaids wore a beautiful royal blue and carried yellow garden roses and blue hydrangeas.  The same flowers covered the white metal arch at the alter.
 The groom is in the military, as are many of the groomsmen, so those men wore their dress uniforms, while the others, including my husband, had black tuxes and blue vests/ties. 
 The ceremony was pretty traditional, but there were a few things that made it extra special!  One was that the groom's aunt, an ordained minister, presided over the ceremony.  I think having a special, personal relationship with your minister makes the ceremony so much more meaningful.  Another special part was the song "I will be Here" (Steven Curtis Chapman) sung by a family friend.  It was beautiful and really touched everyone there.  The ceremony was truly beautiful and conveyed the love these two shared.  I'm just so happy and blessed I was able to stand up and be a part of it.  More tomorrow...


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey guys,
Sorry I've been so MIA... apparently this whole "throwing a wedding thing" is a little more exhausting than I thought.. go figure.  Add in traveling, time zone change, and staying up before to get ready to leave, and you're left with two very tired people! I'm on the mend, though, and I'm hoping to have a post up tonight to recap some of the wedding stuff.. have a feeling there may be more than 1 wedding post to come...

Hope you're all doing well!  Be back soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Top 2- Royal Wedding

Since this IS a wedding blog, it would be awful of me to neglect the Royal Wedding of Price William to Kate Middleton... that said, last week when it actually happened, I was swamped with work, and I now think it's really been done.  Therefore, I'll just leave you with my Top 2 pieces of the wedding shindig:

#1- The STUNNING Bride.  While some were a little disappointed (and I, myself, was surprised) that Kate's dress was not more trendy/modern, but I love a classic, timeless look.  I think she nailed it, head to toe!  (For the record, Pippa looked amazing, as well, in my opinion)

#2 For me was the love you could just feel between the two of them.  The stolen glances during the wedding really showed how strong their feelings were for one another.  Neither of them looked remotely nervous about marrying the other.  It's nice to sense the love, even when all you're doing is watching their wedding on TV a million miles away!

Best wishes to William and Kate!