Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ground Rules

Since this blog has a very different purpose than to capture our lives, and because I'm kind of a planner at heart (clearly), I thought it  might be good to have a weekly plan for this blog.  Each day will have a general topic, and, of course, I can choose to interrupt the plan as I want (which seems only fair, since it's my blog and all).  So, here are my thoughts:

My Life Monday- This is where I'll connect anything going on in my life (as it relates to the subject of weddings/events) to the blog.  For example, if I host a wedding shower over the weekend, I might showcase it on My Life Monday.

Trendy Tuesday- This is where we'll talk trends in events!  I would also love to hear about any trends you've seen, so please feel free to share!

Wedding Wednesday- Clearly, this will be focused solely on Weddings (as opposed to all the other celebrations).  This could be anything from a vendor to featuring a great wedding.. the possibilities are endless.

Thursday Thoughts- There's no method to my madness here, it could be anything really.. this is my place for randomness.

Weekend Link Up- While I don't normally blog on the weekends, if I have something I've made or put together worthy of sharing with others, I plan to link up with the various weekend link-ups!

There you have it! New posts coming soon!

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