Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Planner/Coordinator or Not?

One of the reasons for starting this blog was because I coordinate weddings every now and then on the side.  I love it- it's what I wish I did all the time!  Thus far, I've just randomly picked up a wedding here and there.  I've done a few DIY projects for one bride and did set up and the day of coordination for the reception.  This summer, I'll be doing another wedding (both ceremony and reception).  Because of all this, I wanted to stay in the loop on what's popular, and up and coming in the wedding/party planning world. 

My question for you all is did/would you have a Wedding Planner?  Maybe just a Coordinator?  Or did you do it all yourself?

For me, I loved doing our planning ourselves, but I felt like I definitely needed a Coordinator to "run the show" and let me enjoy my wedding.  I know others enjoy putting the whole wedding in someone else's hands.

If you choose to have a planner or coordinator, what did/do you look for in your planner? 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and helping this kind of/want to be planner!

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