Monday, March 28, 2011

My Life Monday- Budget Centerpieces

This past weekend, I've been helping my mom come up with some great centerpieces for my sister's outdoor vineyard wedding.  We had a few specific details we wanted to include and a few things to keep in mind.

1.  We needed to be budget conscious and use as much of what we had as possible.

2.  We wanted to be in keeping with my sister's style and ideas for the weddings (although she's a pretty hands off bride) and make it "her own".

3.  We needed to stick with the color scheme already established (blue/yellow/accents of gray).

4.  They needed to keep proportions with the tables already picked out.

These are the items we had to work with (previously used at my wedding):

(sorry, couldn't find a picture of ours on the computer, but you get the picture)

We started out by trying to use both of these vases, alternating per table, but it was tough to do so and make it unique for Liv (my sister).  It was also getting pretty expensive to try to fill the vases (long story, but I originally bought them to use as more of a hurricane vase instead of to actually fill with flowers at our wedding).  Anyway, after lots of thinking and scouring my brain of all the ideas I've seen done by all the clever bloggers out there, I pitched the faux milk glass idea to my mom.

Basically, we're going to thrift for vases about the same size but clear and hopefully with some "texture" and spray paint them white to look like antique milk glass. 

I think this will perfectly compliment their garden/vineyard wedding.  To go inside, we've decided to order bulk garden roses (more than likely) in yellow and blue hydrangea.  Originally, we were trying to avoid hydrangea since I had them and we were using the same vases, but now, they're back in play (for a beautiful and bulky flower).  I think it will be beautiful.  We're still going to use the tall vases (planning to try spray painting them too.  In them will be curly willow branches and a few of the same flowers at the opening.


We're going to plan to use the larger vases used at my wedding elsewhere.

So, what do you think?  Can you picture the centerpieces?  Hopefully all comes together according to our plans.  Did you do any great, budget-friendly centerpieces?  Or did you/ will you go all out?

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  1. Those sound beautiful! Reusing vases from your wedding is such a wonderful, budget-friendly idea! I cant't wait to see how everything turns out!