Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sex in the City Bachelorette

This weekend, I helped throw a Sex in the City themed Bachelorette party for a friend of mine.  The party took place in the "Little Apple", Manhattan, KS, where I went to college.  In the spirit of our love of Sex in the City, we decided to take that on as our theme.  The party took place in a hotel, which we decorated with a skyline mural, a Sex in the City canvas painting, and lots of pink!

Our Bar and the Character Drink Menu (Marcella being the Bachelorette)

The Snack Table (with only a few slightly inappropriate items.. it was a bachelorette party after all)
 The pink carnations and post it note were taken from an episode of the show (if you're a fan, it's the one where Burger breaks up on a post it).

The NYC skyline was made by one of the bridesmaids.  She did a great job and put pictures of her friends and fiance in the windows of the buildings.  The red balloons are also from the show.

Bachelorette get-up complete with a light-up sash, light up shot ring, badge, and tiara.

Some lingere gifts for the honeymoon

Dinner out at one of our favorite spots

A few funny games

Including Suck for a Buck... The Bride to be was given a lolly-pop bouquet and had guys pay $1 for one.. which they had to remove from the bouquet with their teeth.   :)

And then we danced the night away!

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