Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hours, that infamous period of time between the wedding and reception when the wedding party is off taking pictures.   This time can be so important because it's where guests first get a hint of what the reception will be like, but it's also a time when good weddings can go bad if not done right.  Typically, Cocktail Hours include light food/ appetizers and some kind of drink.  From there, it varies from just mingling to photo booths, to outdoor games.  

Often, what you do or don't do during your Cocktail Hour depends on the vibe of your wedding and your group of guests.  If everyone is a tight knit group, they may just enjoy mingling, however, if you'd like everyone to get to know each other, an activity like a yard game or photobooth might help break the ice.  Food is usually kept light, just enough to keep everyone happy until the main attraction, while a signature drink is a great, fun way to "say" a little something about the happy couple and keep to  it simple!

What was your cocktail hour like?  Or, what was the best cocktail hour you've attended?


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