Monday, April 25, 2011

A Few Foodie Favorites

There are lots of great new food trends for weddings (and the surrounding events), and a few I don't so much care for.. but here are a few of my favorites...

Tapas- these tasty bite size appetizers encourage your guests to get up and mingle (to keep cohesion, try keeping it all in one theme)

Shot glass/ Martini glass Treats- use these many glasses to make treats perfect for an individual serving (and of course, up the cute factor!)

Individual Wedding cakes- this trend could get pretty pricey, but instead of one big wedding cake, have a small cake at each table at the reception, each with a different flavor!  I love these.. the white really ties them all together!

Nitrogen Bars- Okay, this one's a little out of the box, but so cool!  You can use liquid nitrogen to serve up ice cream to your guests!  Talk about presentation, huh?  (And who doesn't love a good ice cream, especially during prime wedding season- summer!)

Savory Cupcakes- To branch off of the cupcake trend, the new idea is to serve appetizer and entree items in cupcake form!  What a genius way to make an easy individual serving?!

(photos and trends courtesy of The Knot)

What's your favorite food trend (either from here or otherwise)?


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